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TelTrends International Corporation is a wholly owned Filipino company that is engaged in the marketing and distribution of telecommunication carrier access and network products. In addition, TelTrends actively provides engineering, installation, and maintenance services for end-to-end communications solutions, last mile network access, PBX solutions and telephone trading systems.   



For Our Customers:

  • To ensure availability of high quality and cost effective productsand services.
  • To keep clients abreast with technology trends and equipment.

Our Business Partners:

  • To continuosly establish strategic alliances with innovative ICT suppliers.

Our Employees:

  • To maintain a pool of committed, competent and customer-oriented employees.



  • To remain amongst the top ICT Solutions Providers in our niche market.


TelTrends maintains an in-country inventory of its products to service “just in time” requirements of its clients and complements this with 24-hour customer service support for easy access and enhanced service delivery.  
TelTrends is mindful that as the business environment change, you need to have the flexibility to change with it. TelTrends have established a QA system of international standard and is ISO 9001:2015 certified to deliver quality products and support services.