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Volktek NXF-719

"The NXF-719 is a highly engineered product designed to offer a lifetime of operability. Incorporated in the chassis are three long-life cooling fans which ensures a cool operating environment. The status of each fan is continuously monitored and displayed on the LED status panel. The LED panel indicates when power is supplied to a converter module and that the fans are functioning correctly. The chassis is ideal for mission-critical networks such as in Enterprises, Banks, the Military, etc.

The chassis comes with two high-quality, hot-swappable power supplies. Either power supply can be removed without disturbing the chassis' operation - offering total efficiency, maximum redundancy and minimum downtime. Each converter is supplied from a shared power bus - but as an added precaution, each is individually protected in the event of a problem on the bus or a power surge. Each converter can be removed or loaded without powering down. The power supply also features a ""trigger guard"" to prevent the unit being accidentally switched off."


"Accommodates up to 12 media
converters operating under different
Supports two load sharing, hot swappable
power supplies
ON/OFF trigger guard protection on
power switch
Three serviceable high volume cooling
LED status panel with fan and slot and
power LEDs
Supports slot power isolation
Supports 10/100/1000Base-TX/FX, ATM-
155/622 and serial converters
Prevents network downtime and protects
your converter investments
Available in AC 100-240V with AC Socket
or DC -48V with terminal block "

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"The NXF-719 is a highly engineered product designed to offer a lifetime of operability. Incorporate...