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The 4ipnet HSG1100 Gigabit Hotspot Gateway in 19” rack-mountable chassis is designed
to provide an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for hotspot service providers. It is ideal
for small-sized organizations and establishments that wish to have a high performance
enterprise-grade WLAN without the associated costs and complexity. With integrated user
authentication, role-based policy assignment, and real-time user monitoring, businesses of
all scales can now own a manageable and secure wireless network.

For example, cafés and restaurants can use the HSG1100 to quickly generate accounts for
guests and patrons. Once a billing plan is configured in the HSG1100, paid Wi-Fi services
based on traffic volume or time can be enabled. Alternatively, limited free access can be
granted by simply entering an e-mail address. With either method, owners can prevent “Wi-Fi
squatters” from staying for hours without ordering or buying items on the menu, minimizing
lost revenue.

With the HSG1100, the complexity of WLAN deployments can be considerably reduced.
Branch offices, cafés, or retail shops can enjoy the benefits brought by managed networks
at an affordable pricing range. More importantly, security and reliability of the network are
all optimized. Therefore, the HSG1100 is the ideal choice in terms of a user access control


Flexible User Authentication
The HSG1100 provides organizations with the same level of security as large enterprises,
such as 802.1X user authentication with detailed role-based policy enforcement. Through
the combination of roles, scheduling, and profiles, network administrators can control each
user's bandwidth, traffic priorities, routing, and much more. Given the widespread usage of
smartphones and tablets and that a single user may carry multiple devices, managing user
access is more important than ever for organizations needing to ensure reliable and secure
Wi-Fi performance.

Complete Network Services
As wireless networks increasingly become the primary network used by organizations, it
is crucial to take into consideration fundamental network services, such as DHCP, NAT,
and routing. In addition to providing these functions, the HSG1100 hotspot gateway also
implements the concept of a "Service Zone", which essentially segments the controller into
multiple virtual controllers, each with its own associated network services, user policies,
authentication settings, etc.

Simplified Network Monitoring and Maintenance
Featuring easy to use and intuitive browser-based management, organizations can configure and monitor network operation without employing an army of wireless savvy network administrators. Furthermore, real-time email notification enables administrators to reduce overall network downtime. Coupled with helpful network utilities and detailed usage/traffic logs, the HSG1100 transforms network troubleshooting and maintenance into a walk in the park, minimizing total cost of ownership for an unparalleled price performance.


Power ◈ Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Power adapter included)
(W x D x H) ◈ 43.0 x 13.0 x 4.5 cm
Weight ◈ 1.30 kg (2.87 lbs)
◈ WAN: 1 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, Auto MDIX, RJ-45
◈ LAN: 4 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, Auto MDIX, RJ-45
◈ USB: 1 x USB2.0
◈ Console: 1 x DB9M
LED Indicators
◈ Power
◈ Status
◈ 1 x Wireless Status
◈ 4 x LAN
◈ 1 x USB
◈ Operating Temperature: -30°C (-22°F) to 70°C (158°F)
◈ Operating Humidity: 10% to 80% non-condensing
◈ IP50 Rating
Mounting ◈ Wall Mount
Certifi cations
◈ FCC (United States), CE (Europe)
◈ RoHS compliant

Authentication Types
◈ 802.1X
◈ UAM (browser-based)
◈ IP or MAC-based
Authentication Servers
◈ Local
◈ On-Demand
◈ Guest
Customizable Captive Portal ◈ Yes
Customizable Walled Garden ◈ Yes
Integrated Guest Access ◈ Yes
Local Account Database ◈ Yes
User Blacklisting ◈ Yes
HTTPs Login Redirect ◈ Yes

User Policy Assignment
◈ Role-based
◈ Time & location
Bandwidth Limitations ◈ Yes
Traffi c Classifi cation /
Remarking ◈ Yes; 802.1p / DSCP
Stateful Firewall
◈ Yes; each role with
individual enforcement
Static Route Assignment ◈ Yes
Concurrent Session Limit ◈ Yes
Client Change Password
◈ Allow authenticated
users to modify their
own login password

Multiple Device Logins Per
Account ◈ Yes

Local Accounts ◈ Up to 500
On-Demand Accounts ◈ Up to 2,000

Browser-Based Confi guration
◈ Administer the system
from any standard web
Administrator Accounts
◈ Multiple tiered access
◈ Monitor each admin’s
current accessed page
System Time
◈ Automatic
synchronization (NTP)
◈ Manually confi gured
System Backup & Restore ◈ Yes
SNMP ◈ Yes; v1/v2c
Network Utilities
◈ Yes; built-in packet

Internet Protocols Supported
◈ IPv4
◈ IPv6
DHCP Server ◈ Yes
DHCP Relay ◈ Yes
Network Address Translation ◈ Yes
Built-in HTTP Proxy Server ◈ Yes
Local DNS Records ◈ Yes
Integrated Billing &
Accounting System ◈ Yes
Billing Quota Types
◈ By duration
◈ By traffi c volume

Traffi c Volume Reports ◈ Yes
Online Device Monitoring ◈ Yes
Active Sessions List ◈ Yes
SMTP (E-mail) Notifi cations ◈ Yes
Multiple Concurrent E-mail
Notifi cation Receivers ◈ Yes

System Log (SYSLOG) ◈ Yes
Confi guration Change Log ◈ Yes
RADIUS Server Log ◈ Yes
UAMD Log ◈ Yes
User Events Log ◈ Yes

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