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The Overture 6100 is a carrier class multi-service access and aggregation platform used to deliver Carrier Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Ethernet over TDM (EoTDM) as well as legacy TDM services via T1/E1 or DS3. This modular platform offers a fully redundant switch fabric, timing, power, and cooling solution to ensure it meets the high availability requirements for carrier class services.


The Overture 6100 is a modular, multi-service platform designed to enable service providers and network operators to offer any service, over any media, via any port or slot, from one compact, ultra-dense chassis. The 40 Gbps, two-rack-unit’s simple, flexible support for the complete range of Ethernet business services and mobile backhaul. The same pay-as-you-grow platform is a unique differentiator that enables a carrier to cost-effectively reduce its number of vendors.

The Overture 6100 supports the following Overture remote edge devices

  • Overture 400 Series Ethernet over bonded copper edge
  • Overture 500 Series Ethernet over bonded DS1/E1 edge
  • Overture 600 Series multi-service Ethernet over bonded copper with DS1/E1 over Ethernet using PWE3-plus, Overture Networks’ revolutionary, patented method of simultaneously transporting native Ethernet and native TDM over bonded copper
  • Overture 45 Ethernet over DS3 edge

The Overture 6100 addresses the synchronization issues that are prevalent with emulated T1/E1 services. The Overture 6100 delivers a synchronization solution that is fast, reliable, and accurate where every interface port can be synchronized to a reference clock (including the Ethernet ports), and these same interfaces can serve as a clock source. This enables an extremely flexible and resilient sync-in sync-out architecture. Included in the design are Stratum 3 and 4 holdover options as well as a BITS input.

The Overture 6100 is NEBS level 3 certified, temperature-hardened, and has full front access to all of its cables and plug-in modules. Its 2 RU-high chassis can be deployed in a central office, a controlled environmental vault, an outside plant remote-terminal, a cell site, or at the customer’s premise.

Business Access
This family of products enables 1Mb to over 100Mb services as connections to offices typically providing Ethernet services over bonded copper and bonded T1 where there is not fiber available.  Typical business services carriers sell are Dedicated Internet Access, IP-VPN, VoIP.

Mobile & DSLAM Backhaul
This family of products enable 1Mb to over 100Mb services connection to cell towers, typically providing up to 100 Mbps backhaul services carrying both native Ethernet and native TDM with support for network timing synchronization. The product line is ideally suited for enabling high-speed backhaul to Mobile Cell Towers and DSLAM sites that are capital-constrained to be served by fiber. The combination of 32 pair bonding, EFM repeaters, and the unique ability to natively transport T1/E1 timing ensures carrier grade backhaul at a fraction of the cost of other technologies.

Multi-Tenant Campus and In-Building
The Overture 6100 enables 1Mb to over 100Mb services for Campus and In-Building applications.  Carriers can  benefit by taking advantage of the existing copper plant on campus or up the risers in buildings, realizing a huge cost savings while enabling high-speed Ethernet services.

Traffic Light/Video Surveillance
The Overture 6100 enables 1 Mb to over 100 Mb services for counties and municipalities who need to increase bandwidth to traffic lights for video surveillance applications where only existing copper plant is available.

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