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The Overture 4800 is a modular 10 gigabit optical Carrier Ethernet platform that allows you to economically address any 10Gbps edge deployment with a single high-performance solution. With support for 10GigE service demarcation, 1GigE and 10GigE service aggregation, linear and ring topologies and wholesale Ethernet service termination, the 4800 is uniquely suited for today’s premium business, mobile backhaul and infrastructure applications.


The Overture 4800 10GigE Carrier Ethernet edge platform was developed in conjunction with leading service providers and is unique in three fundamental areas:

Richness of the feature set
The Overture 4800 offers service providers a cost-effective way to differentiate their services and make available increased bandwidth for enterprise access, mobile backhaul and key vertical applications such as financial services, datacenter connectivity, cloud computing backhaul, hub aggregation and carrier network demarcation at the ENNI. With support for over a thousand of service flows, fine-grained quality-of-service, G.8032 Ethernet protection rings and industry standard performance monitoring and fault management, the Overture 4800 boasts the richest feature set in the industry.

Operational flexibility
10 Gigabit Ethernet provides the most cost effective scalability for many different applications at the network edge.  Having a single platform that can support many scenarios reduces operational expenses for the service provider. The Overture 4800 is built on a modular architecture supporting combinations of up to six 10GigE and up to sixteen 1GigE interfaces with a wide selection of pluggable optics, including SFP, SFP+ and XFP, with software-selectable WAN-PHY/LAN-PHY.

Carrier class performance
As service providers make the shift away from SONET and SDH networks, it is critical that the Carrier Ethernet replacement is capable of the same reliable operation. The compact, temperature-hardened Overture 4800 is designed for the demanding environments of the telco central office, outside plant cabinet, datacenter or enterprise wiring closet. In addition, the Overture 4800 provides the resiliency and monitoring features required for high-performance financial services and data center applications.

Business Services
The Overture 4800 enables 1Mb-10GigE services to single or multi-tenant business. Sub-50ms G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection and a 99.999% availability design deliver the reliability required by enterprise customers. Four-stage H-QoS, dynamic queue management and complete Ethernet OAM for 1,000 EVCs provide the flow-level service differentiation for sophisticated enterprise services.

Mobile Backhaul
The Overture 4800 enables 10GigE for all aspects of the mobile backhaul network – core, collector and cell tower access.  The compact, hardened solution fits in any tower cabinet.  Its 99.999% availability, sub-50ms G.8032 Ethernet ring protection and Ethernet OAM for 1,000 EVCs enable a complete service solution.

Datacenter and Private Cloud
The Overture 4800 is ideal for datacenter and cloud based solutions, with 60Gb of switching capacity, low-latency hardware design, and flow-level service differentiation for over 1,000 EVCs.

Wholesale Ethernet Services
The Overture 4800 has the breadth and depth of carrier features for Wholesale Ethernet services, including 1,000 EVCs, 3000 MEPs, MEF 26 ENNI, and 4-stage Hierarchical-QoS.

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