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OVERTURE 4200/4300

The Overture 4200/4300 series delivers GigE, fast Ethernet and DS1 pseudowire over Carrier Ethernet infrastructure. With industry leading Ethernet OAM and flexible interface options, the Overture 4200/4300 delivers all the capability needed for mobile  backhaul, enterprise access and infrastructure applications.


Simplified Services Deployment
Simplify your network with Ethernet and DS1 circuit emulation services on a single converged solution. Deliver MEF18 certified high-performance DS1 circuit emulation services with a choice of integrated 1588v2 or precision-tuned adaptive timing. Deploy in any location with a hardened compact design that can be deployed in outside plant cabinets and tight spaces. Reduce truck rolls with a 99.999% availability solution.

Reliability and Performance
Don’t compromise on reliability and performance as you move from SONET/SDH to Carrier Ethernet. The Overture 4200/4300 G.8032 Ethernet ring provides sub-50ms protection switching. MEF18-certified DS1 circuit emulation meets the same rigorous performance standards as SONET. Designed for 99.999% availability with industrial grade components and redundant hotswappable power supplies; this compact, temperature-hardened product is meant for the most demanding carrier environments.

Market Leading Features
The Overture 4200/4300 provides differentiated service with 64 EVCs, H-QoS, 8-dedicated queues per EVC, Ingress and Egress policing and dynamic p-bit marking. Provide differentiated SLA management with complete 802.3ah, 802.1ag and Y.1731 Service  OAM and 192 MEPs. MEF 18 certified DS1 circuit emulation provides more cost effective DS1 service delivery compared with SONET or router based solutions. Sub-50ms protection switching from G.8032 will impress your customers who demand SONET-level performance.

Business Services
The Overture 4200 and 4300 enable converged 1Mb-1GigE and DS1 circuit emulation services to single or multi-tenant business. Sub-50ms G.8032 Ethernet ring protection and a 99.999% availability design deliver the reliability required by enterprise customers.  Dedicated queues per flow, hierarchical QoS and complete Ethernet OAM for 64 EVCs provide flow-level service differentiation for sophisticated enterprise services.

Mobile Backhaul
The Overture 4200 and 4300 enable Ethernet for 3G and 4G services and high-performance DS1 circuit emulation for 2G services. A compact, hardened solution fits in any tower cabinet. Theire 99.999% availability, sub-50ms G.8032 Ethernet ring protection and Ethernet OAM for 64 EVCs enable a complete service solution.

Datacenter and Private Cloud
The Overture 4200 and 4300 provide cost effective Carrier Ethernet access to datacenter and cloud-based services. The 99.999% availability design with sub-50ms protection switching delivers the high performance and reliability that customers demand for access to their datacenter/cloud-based applications. A low-latency hardware design and flow-level service differentiation for 64 EVCs with complete Ethernet OAM enables every location to have a seamless connection to the datacenter or cloud.

Wholesale Ethernet Services
Both the Overture 4200 and 4300 have the breadth and depth of carrier features for Wholesale Ethernet services, including 64 EVCs, 192 MEPS, complete Ethernet OAM, and hierarchical QoS powered by 512 queues.

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