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The Overture 65F10 is the first 10Gig member of the Overture 65 series.

With more ports, more service assurance features and more capacity, this next generation Ethernet Access Device (EAD) is a perfect fit for communication service providers that want to drive out cost and inject speed into their metro service edge. The 65F10 is CE2.0 compliant with multiple deployment options to maximize its applications in the network. As an integrated member of Overture’s Ensemble Open Service Architecture™, the 65F10 helps deliver network virtualization and software-defined services to the metro service edge.

The 65F10’s powerful platform supports today’s business and cloud, mobile backhaul, and wholesale services – all at an unprecedented value point.


Rich Service Assurance Features
The Overture 65F10 offers a full suite of CE2.0 demarcation features for class of service, service management and E-access service support – hierarchical QoS and a sFlow monitoring agent; integrated layer 3 features, including RIP, NAT, and multicast, eliminate the need for a CPE router for many IP services.

Greater Capacity and Port Density
The Overture 65F10 has four 10GigE and 24 GigE ports with wire speed performance for 64 Gbps of total non-blocking throughput. This industry-leading capacity allows it to serve as a Carrier Ethernet switch or aggregator in mobile backhaul and router offload applications. Support for up to 256 EVCs,32k MAC addresses, and 4096 QoS classification rules allows the Overture 65F10 to support demarcation applications and high density E-Access/ENNI service management.

Flexible Deployment Options
The Overture 65F10 reduces OpEx by supporting a variety of Carrier Ethernet deployment scenarios that simplify inventory, training and back office integration. The 65F10 can be deployed in both ring and point-to-point applications, and is a state-of-the-art 10GigE demarcation device. Its high performance switching on all 10GigE and 1GigE interfaces supports high-density aggregation and router offload deployments. Additional deployment flexibility also comes from the 65F10’s integrated universal AC and DC power supply.

Exceptional Precision
The Overture 65F10 has hardware-based OAM and exacting IEEE1588v2 implementations backed by nanosecond accuracy for mobile synchronization and precision one-way delay measurements. Its architecture ensures less than three microseconds of latency – high-powered performance for delay-sensitive financial and mobile applications.

Superior Reliability
With support for G.8031 linear APS, G.8032v1 and G.8032v2 rings, as well as standard link aggregation, the Overture 65F10 facilitates highly resilient network topologies with sub-50ms failover. The 65F10’s low power and extended operating temperature range ensure high service availability.

Ready for Network Virtualization and Software-Defined Services
The Overture 65F10 joins the Overture 65, 6500 and our Ensemble OSA™ as a member of the Overture Open Service Delivery family. It is the first 10Gig EAD ready for network virtualization and software-defined services. This reliable, work-horse combination simplifies back office integration and eliminates custom integration on each device freeing up a path for SDN and NFV cloud enablement.

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